Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mad Scientist Magic Tubes

Well these really do look like they come from a Mad Scientist. I mean, small glass tubes with some dubious looking powder inside (nothing illegal, honestly officer). Even I find it hard to believe.

But the darned things work. Everyone so far who's tried them has said good things. Just today I got this in an email from someone who reviews audio gear for several websites:

Wow, they WORK!!!   Strange but true  ;=)

I could even hear that something happened while mounting them on my speakers binding posts while the music was playing, and I was behind the speakers. Thought it was my mind playing games, so I let them “settle” a few days, and removed them yesterday. You know, though I often can hear results within seconds, I always use the Long Term Listening Test. Have your system play tons of songs for days or better weeks, and not only 5 seconds of 3 songs.   Only that way I can be sure that my test item is working with all kinds of music! 

They are GOOD!

I'm not going to reveal exactly how they work, because I don't really know myself. I have some clues that I am following. (And of course, I know how to make them.)  Here are some of my thoughts:

One clue is their settling time. They seem to need to settle every time they are moved. I have reason to think that this is the material settling, relaxing, aligning with the earth's magnetic field, and any local fields. The effect that they have seems to have something to do with magnetic fields.

But quite why this should produce the effect that it does is a mystery. I could do the standard audio thing and give you some spiel about quantum mechanics and so on. But the problem here is that I do understand QM to a reasonable degree, having studied it at university, and subsequently kept up to date on important developments. (I'm a many worlds kind of guy, incidentally.)

In fact, there is an important QM feature at play here, spin,  but it's a stretch to call the effect quantum mechanical (any more than it is reasonable to claim any effect is quantum because we live in a quantum world). I think the effect here can be understood using classical physics. Just that I don't understand it. Yet.

OK so what is the effect that you get? Usually you hear a difference right away, and if you listen you can often hear some quite sudden changes after 10 to 15 minutes. I thought something was broken first time I heard this. After 30-40 minutes the treble should become clearer and more spacious. After another half hour, the bass fills in. Removing the tubes collapses the sound - that's the best way to describe it - the soundstage shrinks, the frequency extremes close in, dynamics close in. It's shocking, at least on my system.

You might find that initially you lose some top end or 'air', but this should return after settling. If not, put the tubes somewhere else - some locations are just too sensitive to them and need less effect than the tubes provide.

You really need to try these yourself, or you simply won't believe it.

Now I'm no marketing genius - I wish I was - but looking around I decided to use what is known as the "Heroin Dealer Approach" - in other words, Your First Hit Is Free.

We already give away Black Discus samples, but these are a little larger, so all we ask is $5 for shipping, and we'll send you a free pair of Magic Tubes. To get your Free Magic Tubes:

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Here they are in use, on the back of my speakers.