Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Kegs are barrel-shaped devices, made from two halves, called "smidgens". There is a copper washer in between the two smidgens, and this acts as an amplifier, making the effect stronger.

I first tried this approach when developing the Power Purifier - initially I used Mini Blackdiscus in a similar arrangement, but discovered that the smaller smidgens were more convenient.

They are used in Power Purifiers, with three or six Kegs being the difference between the baseline, plus and double-plus versions. Adding more Kegs gives more treble extension, among other things.

But, Kegs are not just limited to this use; they are great for the DIY Tweaker.

They are effective on many wires - some places where they have worked well include:
  • Power wires, inside component cases
  • High voltage tube power supply - so-called "B+" wires
  • On wires leading to and from power transformers.
  • Other power supply wires
In all these cases, one, two or even three Kegs can be put on both positive, negative and earth wires.

Some years ago, Bybeen Slipsream Purifiers became quite popular for similar kinds of uses. Although I have never had much luck with Bybees myself - they don't seem to do much on my system - others who swear by them tell me that Kegs work a lot better.

Kegs are available on our ordering page. They cost $69 for 3 or $119 for 6

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