Thursday, March 20, 2014

Product Recap

You thought we were forgetting about our blog, didn’t you?  That’s what Frank Underwood would say to the camera in House of Cards. The answer is no, we didn’t. In the past 3 months so many things have happened at Mad Scientist Audio. The Mad Scientist himself cooked up some more very good products and sort of locked himself up in our lab.

You might remember that by the end of 2013, we have launched 5 BlackDiscus products:
•    Minis
•    CanOpeners
•    CupCakes
•    BlackSticks and
•    Smidgens

The last ones were not for sale to start with but to be given away to our customers as a token of appreciation (we still do give them away with purchase). However, Smidgens turned out to be very good with some applications as Stu at Audio Direction found out here.

We then did numerous experiments with them and destroyed a number of moulds along the way and we end up with the beautiful Kegs that are made of double smidgens and copper core.

Along came the Power Purifiers. And when you marry the two together as in Power Purifier+ and Power Purifier ++, the results are astonishing. Then the Mad Scientist’s wife was away for her family business in early February and as lonely as he was, the Mad Scientist has come up with the newest application of Power Purifier – the Power Purifier Mains Leads (Power Cords) to be launched soon. So far the new products available to purchase include:

•    Power Purifier Kits
•    Power Purifier Ready Built Units – with or without Kegs

The requests for free samples keep coming in - thanks to Will Wright of Positive Feedback for reviewing BlackDiscus products in March here. The new samples are bigger and better than the ones we sent out last year and they are in Blue (they are nicer in blue). We also have the instruction for the DIYers to make simple Power Purifier out of these free samples.

So guys we will keep you posted about the Mad Scientist and his products on this blog – stay tuned.

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