Sunday, November 3, 2013

Things to try with BlackDiscus

Right Side Up?

I normally recommend that you place all your BlackDiscus devices with the rough side up.
But you should treat this as a starting place rather than an iron-clad rule.

So I suggest that you try turning all of your BlackDiscus upside down and see the difference. In the past I've tried upside down and was not so impressed. But last night I was testing some new prototypes and was surprised to note that they sounded superior upside down.

One thing I would suggest - keep all your BlackDiscus the same way up - so either all upside down, or all right way up

10 Minute Warm-up?

Some users have noticed that BlackDiscus devices can sound better 10 minutes after being positioned in a particular location. I'd not noticed this, but now it's been pointed out I think I can hear what is meant.

To my ears at least it's not a major effect, but it is noticeable. This is not "burn in" as it seems to occur every time you move the devices to a different location. My opinion is that it's most likely to be the system stabilizing and potentially even literally warming up.

It's just something to bear in mind if you are performing serious testing.

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