Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stacking Black Discus

This is the first post of this new Mad Scientist Audio blog. I'll post here from time to time with news, tips and other things.

OK so the first subject is Stacking. Someone suggested to me that it's possible to stack two (or more) Black Discus. I found that a small amount of Blu Tack in between the discs worked to hold them together.

You can then use this as a single device, something like this:

I was impressed how well this worked with two discs. (Not going to bore you with any descriptions, as it will perform very differently on different systems.)
So I wondered how many you can stack. I'd just finished a batch that included 14 Mini BlackDiscus. I made a large stack with all 14 of them. It was somewhat precariously balanced on my headphone's jack plug.

How did it sound. Well, not very much different to a stack of two. Maybe a little - perhaps like a stack of three.

But note the lesson - stacking works, but best limit it to two. Or three if you are seriously mental ;)